Road Marking

Road markings

Our thermoplastic line markings service ensures the making, lining or painting lasts for long period of time. We use thermoplastic due to its durability obtained from its materials such as synthetic resins, waxes, glass beads and filler substances like calcium carbonate and calcined flint.

If you are looking for long lasting road marking or parking marking, then thermoplastic line markings is the best option for you. It is the most commonly used road line marking applications in parking areas and roadways nowadays.

Other than providing long lasting line painting, thermoplastic line markings also provide a high level of safety to the vehicle owners especially at night and wet conditions when there is no sufficient light to see everything clearly. The glass beads in the thermoplastic coating create reflectivity and provide that night time visibility.

As a professional road marking contractor, ‘Tomras Road Markings’ has the experience and expertise to give you the best results every time. We can undertake any road marking job with ease. Read our clients’ testimonials before you hire us.